HC Historys Mysteries – Killer Submarine (1999)

HC Historys Mysteries – Killer Submarine (1999)
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This program is part of the popular series from the History Channel that investigates some of civilization’s unsolved mysteries and controversies.
Cover up or accident? Explore the evidence surrounding the death of 13,000 people at the close of World War II. This time History’s Mysteries recounts the deadly patrol of a Soviet S-13 submarine through the Baltic Sea.
Towards the end of World War 2, two German ships full of refugees fleeing the advance of Soviet forces were pursued and sunk by Alexander Marinesco’s S-13 Russian submarine, sending 13,000 soldiers and civilians, including women and children to their deaths. Historians have debated the tactical and moral decision of the submarine’s captain.
In January 1945, as the Soviet army advanced on East Prussia, the Germans launched Operation Hannibal, a mass naval evacuation of German military personnel and civilians from the region. On January 30, as part of Operation Hannibal, the cruise ship Wilhelm Gustloff left the East Prussian port of Gotenhafen (which today is the Polish city of Gdynia) bound for Kiel, Germany. The Soviet submarine S-13 soon spotted the Gustloff and blasted it with three torpedoes. The German liner sank within 90 minutes, about 12 nautical miles off Stolpe Bank near present-day Poland. Historians now estimate that only about 700 of the approximately 10,000 people aboard the Gustloff survived, making it the deadliest maritime disaster in history. A week later, the S-13 sank a German hospital ship–4,000 perished.
In the aftermath, the world learned little about the disaster for a variety of reasons. In this episode of HISTORY’S MYSTERIES survivors of the sub and sunken ships offer firsthand accounts. Archival film clips, photographs, journals, and personal accounts tell the story of the 13,000 people who perished from the torpedoes of the killer submarine.

Produced by Tera Media for The History Channel

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