Hacking and Securing Kubernetes Clusters | OffensiveLabs

Hacking and Securing Kubernetes Clusters | OffensiveLabs
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Kubernetes security, to some people is a complex subject because of the overwhelming jargon and the complex setup it requires to have a multi node cluster especially when you are doing it for the first time. The goal of this Course is to make things clearer and easier for those who are new to Kubernetes and Kubernetes security world.

What do you Learn ?
Different kuberenetes compon

Fundamentals of role based access controls in Kubernetes

How service accounts work in Kubernetes

The basics of Roles, Role Bindings, Cluster Roles, Cluster Role Bindings

Understand the Kubernetes Attack Surface

How a misconfigured Kubernetes Cluster can be exploited by attackers

How to attack the API Server using insecure port

How to attack a misconfigured Kubelet API

How ETCD storage works

How exposed Kubernetes Dashboard can be abused

How to perform Static Analysis of YAML files using Kube-audit

How to perform Static Analysis using Kubesec

How to perform Security Assessments using Kube-hunter

How to audit clusters using Kube-bench

How to scan Docker images using trivy

How to implement network policies

How to use Kubernetes Security Context to prevent attacks



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