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GUI Automation Using Python | O’Reilly
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Automate any GUI using ultra efficient Python scripting

GUI Automation is the vital support tool for automated testing, screen scraping, automated data entry, content migration, and application integration.

The first part of the course explains to you the significance and purpose of GUI automation and teaches you how to create a virtual machine in AWS. You will dive deep into the core concepts of GUI automation including mouse event functions, keyboard control functions, and browser automation using PyAutoGUI. In the concluding sections, you will get acquainted with web scrapping and selenium web driver.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills you need to tackle various problems related to your GUI automation and be able to implement effective Python scripting solutions to achieve the best results.


Identify and automate the manual GUI related tasks
Use automation for replacing manual activities at work using Python
Automate day to day task using simple Python scripting
Design and implement scalable automation solutions using Python
Use PyAutoGUI Locate by image
Install Selenium and begin with writing scripts.
Table of Contents
01 Course Introduction
02 GUI automation- What, Why & How
03 Creating a VM in AWS
04 Installing Python in a Windows Machine
05 Installing PyAutoGUI and Overview
06 Python Overview
07 Why Python
08 Object Introspection and directory function
09 Python’s Interactive Help
10 Type and Len Functions
11 Read, Write and Execute
12 What is a task Scheduler
13 Installing & Understanding Jupyter notebook
14 Variables & Basic operators and Comment
15 Data Types in Python
16 Data Type Conversion
17 String & String Operations
18 Comparison & Decision Making
19 Python Collections- List
20 Iteration and Loop Control
21 Python Collections- Tuple
22 Python Modules-I
23 Python Modules-II
24 PyAutoGUI Mouse Event Function
25 More Mouse Event Functions
26 PyAutoGUI Locate by Image
27 Keyboard Control Functions
28 Browser Automation using PyAutoGUI
29 Web Scrapping Overview
30 HTML Overview and Element Inspection
31 Web Scrapping -Part I
32 Web Scrapping -Part II
33 Requests Module for Web Scrapping
34 Selenium Web Driver
35 Selenium Installation & Beginning with writing Scripts
36 How to Locate Elements

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