GraphQL Mastery: Getting started with and mastering GraphQL | Udemy

GraphQL Mastery: Getting started with and mastering GraphQL | Udemy
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What you’ll learn

In this GraphQL Course we will learn the fundamentals of GraphQL, and use React.js on the front end to build a full-stack web application.


At least have a basic understanding of JavaScript. It’s preferable to have some React.js experience but not required. We have an optional section in the course that gets you up to speed on React if you’ve never worked with it before.

Course Content:

– Setting up a GraphQL Server using GraphQL Yoga (and later migrating to “Apollo Server Express”)

– GraphQL Queries

– GraphQL Mutations

– One to many & Many to many relationships

– Prisma & SQLite (Relational Database Management Systems)

– Authentication & Authorization with Passport.js (Allowing the user to login, signup, and logout. Only allowing user to perform certain actions and restricting access. Ex. User can not delete another users post. )

– Error handling for things like incorrect passwords, not being allowed to enter empty content into database, etc.

– Payment Processing with Stripe.js to allow the user to create a monthly membership for your website.

– A quick tour of asynchronous code. (GraphQL queries and mutations commonly use async/await, so we need to make sure we understand these)

– Client side caching. Improve the performance of your app by storing information in the browser using ApolloClient. This reduces the need to make requests to the server for every GraphQL query

– GraphQL + React and using the Context API. This is useful for things like Authentication. Store the results of your GraphQL query and allow the entire app to access shared Authentication state.

– Pagination & filtering.

Who this course is for:
Beginner JavaScript developers who want to learn GraphQL
Anyone who wants to learn GraphQL

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