Git for Beginners: Learn Git in One Hour | Udemy

Git for Beginners: Learn Git in One Hour | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
The key concepts and techniques to start working with git.
Solve Merge Conflicts, Refactor Files and Stash Changes.
Create, Modify, Delete & Work with local repositories.
Work with branches by making & merging changes and comparing differences.
Create, Modify, Delete and Squash Commits.
Apply Everything your Learn on your Final Capstone Project!

Learn how to work with git and version control in just one hour with this intensive git crash course. Version control and git will be essential tools for you because they let you work on different versions of a project, keep track of the changes you have made, reverse them, and much more.

Git is your next step towards a bright future in software development.

During the course, you will:

Install and configure git with your username and email.

Create your first local repository.

Work with local repositories to store different versions of a project, review changes, work without any risk of losing changes, and restore previous versions of a project.

Create, work with, and delete branches in a repository.

Learn the git workflow and how to work with the working directory and staging area.

Make commits to track the changes you have made to the project.

Save changes for later by stashing them.

Combine (squash) commits when needed.

Learn how to see the history of commits of a repository.

Merge branches to the main branch.

Learn how to work with files using git.

Who this course is for:
Complete Beginners in git and version control.
Computer Science Enthusiasts who want to learn how to work with git.
New & Self-taught developers who are looking forward to learn version control.
Developers with a basic knowledge of version control.

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