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Git Essentials, 2nd Edition | LiveLessons
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Table of contents
Git Essentials: Introduction
Lesson 1: Setting Up Git
Learning objectives
1.1 Understand what Git can do for you
1.2 Install Git
1.3 Configure Git
Lesson 2: Git Basics on the Local Machine
Learning objectives
2.1 Start a repository in two different ways
2.2 Add and commit your changes
2.3 Look at your history log
2.4 Compare file diff(erences) while working
2.5 Compare diff(erences) from previous commits
2.6 Restore and reset new changes
2.7 Restore and check out past commits
2.8 Check out a detached HEAD
2.9 Review restore and checkout
2.10 Ignore files and folders
Lesson 3: Working with Remotes
Learning objectives
3.1 Understanding remotes
3.2 Push to remotes using HTTP
3.3 Push to remotes using SSH
3.4 Push and pull your commits
3.5 Make nonconflicting changes
3.6 Fix conflicts
3.7 Use GitHub and online remotes for project management
3.8 Start your projects in a remote
Lesson 4: Working with Local Branches
Learning objectives
4.1 Create, switch, and list branches
4.2 Look at your log and clean up branches
4.3 Switch between branches with commits
4.4 Merge branches
4.5 Use rebase to incorporate changes
Lesson 5: Incorporate Branch Changes
Learning objectives
5.1 Set up the branch examples
5.2 Use merge to incorporate changes
5.3 Use rebase to incorporate changes
5.4 Squash commits before rebasing
5.5 Stash changes before switching to other branches
Lesson 6: Work and Merge with Remote Branches
Learning objectives
6.1 Sync local work with the remote
6.2 The pull request (PR) and merge request
6.3 Merge branches via pull request
6.4 Fix pull requests with merge conflicts
Lesson 7: Git Workflows
Learning objectives
7.1 Add a collaborator to repository
7.2 Understand branching workflow
7.3 Add branch protection rules
7.4 Using Git Flow workflow
7.5 Understand forking workflow
Lesson 8: Git GUIs
Learning objectives
8.1 Understand Git GUIs
8.2 Use Git GUI
8.3 Use GitHub Desktop
8.4 Use Git Cola
8.5 Use VS Code
8.6 Use RStudio
8.7 Use PyCharm
Git Essentials: Summary

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