Get Real Time Location in Xcode: Provide an iOS App with GPS Coordinates | Apress

Get Real Time Location in Xcode: Provide an iOS App with GPS Coordinates | Apress
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Program basic iOS apps capable of retrieving and displaying the user’s device location. You’ll start by learning the basics of programming a simple tracking app. You will then see how to add functionality to your app for retrieving GPS data from the device’s internal hardware. Next, you’ll incorporate that retrieved information into the app so that the coordinates are accessible and usable by your app. Of course, the end user will want something a little more visually appealing to work with than just raw coordinate data. So you will learn to program a basic map and then incorporate the real-time location data your code is feeding into it. You’ll learn to properly format everything for every given iPhone display so that it’s appealing and workable for the user.

After completing this video, you will be able to create fantastic tracking- and map-based apps for iOS.

What You’ll Learn
Reach the GPS module on an iOS device to get location permission
Display coordinates in the proper format for a given screen
Add a map so the user can see not only coordinates but a location on a map

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