Get Hands-On Practice Building your Own Networking Lab | Udemy

Get Hands-On Practice Building your Own Networking Lab | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
You will understand how to use VMWare Workstation to build an internet-isolated portable playground for learning networking concepts
You will gain clarity on how you can leverage GNS3 to build complex networking environments
You will have a test bed for gaining hands-on experience so you can master networking related concepts

SPP1.0 Your Lab!

Imagine Having Your Own Self-Contained Study Lab…

Have you ever felt like you’ve read all the books, memorized all the concepts but something was still missing?

The reality is that when it comes to passing the CompTIA Security+ exam, sometimes books, blogs and videos aren’t enough.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get real-hands on experience working out the concepts you’ve been studying?

Imagine, studying about SQL injection attacks but then taking your understanding to another level by not only launching a SQL injection attack against a vulnerable webserver, but also building a testing lab from scratch that allows the attack to happen?

Imagine taking your understanding of how email works by actually building a real Microsoft Exchange environment and then sending a test email between clients – all within the safe environment of a portable sandbox?

It’s one thing to read about SMTP but it’s another to understand how email works because you built the server from scratch…

That’s what the SPP1.0 course is about. It’s about building a test playground where you can experiment, break stuff, roll it back and learn Security+ concepts by DOING. Almost everything is hands on.

This has the potential to significantly boost your confidence not only during test time but also during interviews because you will have done the real work behind the theory.

In the SPP1.0 course, you’ll learn, step-by-step, how to setup a completely virtualized environment that closely mimics real enterprise networks.

After setup, the entire lab is self-contained and doesn’t need an internet connection. This means you can take it with you, study on the go, and learn wherever the need arises.

In addition, if you wish, you’ll be able to expand this lab to study for other exams too such as the Network+, Cisco CCNA or even the Microsoft MCSE exams!

Are you ready to finally understand Information Security concepts without investing in expensive equipment?

Are you ready to get the confidence you need to truly enjoy what you do while you’re doing it?

Are you ready for personal transformation?

Your future self and your lab is waiting for you inside. What are you waiting for?

You’ve got this! –

Who this course is for:
Students interested in getting hands on practice for studying the CompTIA SY0-501 exam or the Cisco 100-105 ICND2 or 200-105 ICND2.
Anyone who wants to have a self-contained, isolated “playground” for getting hands-on practice with networking and cybersecurity concepts.

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