FrontendMasters – Complete Intro to Containers

FrontendMasters – Complete Intro to Containers
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Containers are becoming increasingly relevant for developers. What started as a way to manage multiple servers on the same system grew into a way to develop, write code, deliver applications, and coordinate large-scale applications. Containers may have begun as tools for the ops team, but now everyone needs to learn how to create and use them.

Follow and find out what containers are, why you need them, how to assemble them and how to use them. We will talk about technologies such as Docker, buildah, podman, lxc and lxd, and even touch on Kubernetes. You’ll learn how to make containers your superpower and give each developer tools to improve productivity today.

Learn the basics of containers: chroot, cgroups and namespaces
Learn Docker and How to Work with Docker and CLI Images
Explore the Docker Command Line Interface and Dockerfile
Learn the basics of Kubernetes for orchestration
Explore buildah, podman, OCI, and the container community outside of Docker

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