EXCEL – Pre-Workout for Office Application | Udemy

EXCEL – Pre-Workout for Office Application | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
This course is to show students file management to have an organized system in their computer using file explorer
Students will learn to use proper naming conventions for folders & files
Students will learn how to get into the properties of their folders & files & learn how share folders
Students will learn how to: Move, Cut, Copy & Paste folders & files

As an Instructor, that originally started my teaching career showing students Office Applications [i.e.: Excel, Word, PowerPoint & Access] and of course Navigation of the Operating Systems almost two (2) decades ago, I decided to make this course after noticing that many students, no matter what field they were in, where having great difficulty with maintaining an organized file system within their computers.

I wanted to make this course on FILE MANAGEMENT, because I believe it is the foundation that will help students going forward in either their IT career or any other space that requires the use of computers.

Please check the curriculum so you can see the different topics I will be covering to help you with the organizational skills within your PC/Laptop.

If you learn these basic concepts and apply them from the start, then you will be ahead of the game!

Please keep in mind that I am a Network Engineer & Cisco Instructor as well, and this knowledge is used throughout all aspects of IT, not to mention that is is required for any person that works in either an office environment and/or to maintain their personal files & data in an organized and accessible manner.

In today’s world, everyone must learn FILE MANAGEMENT to be able to be productive in their jobs & personal life.

This course will teach students how to enable a folder to be shared so other users can access the same information in a secure manner.

Of course, we will also dive into your hard drive so you can optimize it and be able to run applications much faster and access the data quicker for optimal results.

Who this course is for:
This course is for anyone that wants to enhance their skills in becoming proficient in using their PC



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