Entagma – Patreon Advanced CG Tutorials

Entagma – Patreon Advanced CG Tutorials
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A collection of Houdini based training tutorials from Entagma


02. SOP Wrangle Basics_Pt 02
03. Data Types _ Accessing Attributes
04. Variables
05. Functions
06. Generating Randomness
07. Accessing Other Stream_s Attributes
08. Generating Curl Noise
09. Creating Chladni Patterns
10. For Loops
11. Arrays _ Foreach-Loops
12. If-Statements
13. Custom Functions
14. Starting A Function Library
15. Repetition Fake Hanging Wires

01. Volume Basics
02. Vector Volumes
03. Signed Distance Fields
04. VDBs vs. Standard Volumes
05. Volume Booling
06. Volume Gradient
07. Reshaping SDFs
08. Organic Cells
09. Curvature
10. Curvature Driven Growth
11. Adding Forces To Our Solver
12. Adding Colliders To Our Solver
13. Point Advection
14. Kernels Sharpening A Smoke Sim
15. Custom Kernels in OpenCL
16. Reaction Diffusion in OpenCL
17. Multistate Cellular Automata in OpenCl
18. Volume Procedural Basics
19. Juliabulb Using Volume Procedurals
20. Volume Displacement Shader
21. Dissolving Geometry
22. Art Directing Velocity Volumes

Render Setup

Artistic Quadtrees
Bonus Setup Frozen Sphere
Constraint Networks
Creating Chladni Patterns
Directions From Growth
Flight Paths
Interference Patterns In VEX
Live Rendering Heightfields in RS
Packing The Torus
Procedural Modeling Of Water Droplets
Rayleigh Taylor Instability
Render Setup Yarnworks
Scaling The Bullets Dynamically
Snow Crystal Growth
Space Colonization


AHTYA01 – Intro To The UI And Basic Concepts
AHTYA02 – About Geometry And Attributes


Dual Sculptures

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