Empire Chess Videos 1 – 40

Empire Chess Videos 1 – 40
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The OnlineChessLessons team began producing the Empire Chess DVD series in October of 2012. In little over 1 year, the Empire Chess series has become the most popular chess DVD series of the 21st century with 40+ DVDs featuring nearly 2 dozen Grandmasters! This extended series of chess videos presents an incredible collection of footage containing more than 125 hours of premium content from a variety of well-known players. The series is intended for chess players of all levels, as the content is extremely diverse and covers a wide range of topics from specific chess openings to general topics like positional sacrifices and develop tactical awareness. The Grandmasters were encouraged to provide instruction on topics where they were most knowledgeable and could display their highest level of expertise. Beginner players will find exceptional value in the 10 DVD, 30 hour course presented by the brilliant Argentine Grandmaster Damian Lemos in Empire Chess Volumes 21-30. Intermediate players will find the vast majority of our Empire Chess DVD series accessible and beneficial to study (especially chess DVDs produced by GMs Daniel Naroditsky, Rafael Leitão, and Eugene Perelshteyn.) And for more advanced players, I would highly recommend the chess videos produced by Grandmasters Sam Shankland, Leonid Kritz, and Victor Mikhalevski. This 40 DVD chess course is guaranteed to improve your game via the highest-quality instruction and level of production available in today’s global market.

Empire Chess Volumes 1-10

Although Volumes 1-10 are focused on opening systems, many of these chess videos will take you farther and deeper into the accompanying middlegame and endgame positions of these openings. Viewers will not only learn the ¨best¨ and ¨most accurate¨ move orders in the early opening, viewers will also be instructed on the reasons behind the moves in the opening. Our extensive team of Grandmaster presenters have made a point to focus on a holistic approach to learning chess. Studying openings will increase your understanding of the game and improve your rating, but the material must be presented in a comprehensive manner with respect to other phases of the game. In Volumes 1-10 of the Empire Chess DVD Series, viewers of all skill levels (Beginner, Club/Intermediate, and Advanced) can find DVDs that are relevant to their current rating. The star-studded cast of presenters includes Grandmasters Gregory Kaidanov, Sam Shankland, Leonid Kritz, Eugene Perelshteyn, Damien Lemos, and Michal Krasenkow.

Empire Chess Volumes 11-20

When is the last time you evaluated your chess game? What are the best areas of your game, and what are the worst? Looking at your most recent games in the last 6 months, where are you winning games – and where are you losing games? Once you have pinpointed your strengths and weaknesses, you should make a plan to smooth out the rough edges in your game. If you find room for improvement in your openings and middlegames, the Empire Chess Volumes 11-20 Bundle is exactly what you need to take your game to the next level. This 10 DVD package features over 31 hours of high-quality chess instruction, presented by renown Grandmasters Ronen Har-Zvi, Damian Lemos, Rafael Leitão, Eugene Perelstheyn, and Leonid Kritz.

Empire Chess Volumes 21-30

The largest obstacle for beginner chess players to improve their game is simply lacking a plan. For the majority of beginner chess players, it is extremely difficult to make it to proceed to the intermediate and advanced levels because they are unable to design a comprehensive strategy. If you are under 1500 FIDE, this series is PERFECT for you because this 10 DVD course targets every aspect of the game including the opening, the middle, the endgame as well as other important concepts like tactics, positional chess, and the critical importance of playing attacking chess. Grandmaster Damian Lemos has put together an exceptionally organized DVD course that features over 27 hours of elite GM instruction combined with the highest quality production on the market. Don’t work hard, work smart!

Empire Chess Volumes 31-40

This product bundle features over 30 hours of high-quality chess instruction intended for players of all levels. This 10 disc set is very unique as it presents several new additions to the OnlineChessLessons team, featuring a all-star lineup that includes Grandmasters Daniel Naroditsky, Timur Gareev, Victor Mikhalevski, Rafael Leitão, Ronen Har-Zvi, Alex Ipatov, Damian Lemos, IM Maia Lomineishvili, and FM Alisa Melekhina! While the topics of this 10 DVD set are diverse and include specific focuses on different chess opening systems, the general emphasis is on attacking chess. All of these players are known for being very dangerous, combinative, and downright aggressive on the chess board – and this truly shines through in their individual DVDs. This series of chess DVDs is guaranteed to improve your chess by encouraging you to constantly pressure your opponent and increase your tactical aptitude and awareness.
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