After Effects Extended Vignette Techniques

After Effects: Extended Vignette Techniques
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After Effects: Extended Vignette Techniques was created and produced by Trish and Chris Meyer. We are honored to host their material in the Online Training Library®.

Vignetting is a classic photography technique involving darkening areas of an image in order to focus the viewer’s attention on a desired point of interest. In After Effects: Extended Vignette Techniques, Chris Meyer shows how vignettes can also be leveraged in video. Multiple applications are demonstrated, including framing a subject better, fixing a poorly composed shot, giving a vintage feel, creating "quiet areas" to overlay text and other graphics, and blending an image over a new background. Vignettes can be created using masking, shape layers, and gradients. This course also includes advanced techniques unique to After Effects, using the CC Circle effect and 3D lights, and employing motion stabilization to center the desired action within the vignette. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

Vignetting with feathered masks, gradients, or paint
Blending layers with masks and paint
Lighting in 3D
Using motion stabilization
Using blending modes and adjustment layers

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