eCPTXv2 Certification – eLearnSecurity

eCPTXv2 Certification – eLearnSecurity
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The eCPTX designation stands for eLearnSecurity Certified Penetration Tester eXtreme and it is the most advanced pentesting certification. Prove your advanced skills and get certified in the fastest growing area of network security.
Here are some of the ways the eCPTX certification is different from conventional exams:

Instead of putting you through a series of multiple-choice questions, you are expected to perform an actual penetration test on a corporate network. This penetration test is modeled after a real-world scenario.

Not only will you implement multiple advanced methodologies to conduct a thorough penetration test, you must remain under the radar as part of your evaluation. A skillset like this will make you a valuable asset in the corporate sector.

Only individuals who provide proof of their findings are awarded the eCPTX certification. That means leveraging any misconfiguration and using obscure exploitation methods in your engagement.

Knowledge Domains
By obtaining the eCPTX, your skills in the following areas will be assessed and certified:

Advanced penetration testing processes and methodologies
Advanced Exploitation using Metasploit and Empire
Network/traffic manipulation
Advanced Lateral Movement (WMI, PS Remoting, DCOM, etc.)
Advanced Active Directory Information Gathering, Enumeration and Reconnaissance
Custom Attack Vector Development
Deep knowledge of Active Directory and Windows internals
Knowledge of Windows authentication weaknesses
Web application Manual exploitation
Stealthy Scanning and Profiling the target
Advanced Persistence / Backdooring
Privilege escalation

The eCPTX is a certification for individuals with a highly technical understanding of networks, systems and web applications attacks. Everyone can attempt the certification exam, however here are the advised skills to possess for a successful outcome:

Understanding a letter of engagement and the basics related to a penetration testing engagement
Deep knowledge of networking concepts
Advanced penetration testing processes and methodologies
Good knowledge of network/traffic manipulation attacks
Good knowledge of pivoting and lateral movement techniques
Ability in performing advanced reconnaissance and enumeration
Manual web application security assessment and exploitation
Using Metasploit and Empire for complex and multi-step exploitation of different systems and OS’s
Ability in performing post-exploitation techniques
Custom attack vector development skills

The exam
eLearnSecurity’s eCPTX is the only certification for pentesters that evaluates your abilities at using cutting edge attacking techniques to compromise numerous targets, inside a fully featured and real-world environment.

We provide you with a real world engagement within the renowned INE Virtual Labs. Once valid credentials have been provided for the certification platform, the candidate can perform the tests from the comfort of their home or office. An Internet connection and VPN software is necessary to carry out the exam.

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