eCommerce Advanced Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads 2022 | Udemy

eCommerce Advanced Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads 2022 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Learn how to Run Successful Ads Campaigns in 2022 and after the IOS 14 Update
Understand how Facebook and Instagram work and how to use to bosst your sales
Explore the unprecedent growth opportunities Instagram and Facebook ads offer to your business
Learn how to define your potential customer and how to target them using ads
Discover how to write effective ad copies that attarct and convert your customers
Explore tenth of ads creatives examples and inspirations and learn how to create highly converting ad creatives
Understand everything about campaign objectvies and learn how to structure your ad account
Learn how to run your ads properly and how to read and analyze the results
Learn how to run successful campaigns and how to scale them

If you want to grow your eCommerce business, you must start by developing and evolving your skills! And what could be best than mastering Facebook and Instagram Ads!

After years of working with clients from all over the world, I noticed that people who fail with Facebook and Instagram ads are the ones who don’t have the proper knowledge. So I created this course to uncover all the tips and strategies that I have learned along the way.

Running successful ads is not only about clicking the right buttons. It is about understanding who you are selling to and how to speak to them! That is why this course will take you beyond Facebook and Instagram ads to uncover the most profound secrets behind succeeding in marketing and sales.

By the end of this course, you will know every detail about running successful and profitable ads for your Shopify store.

More than 88 lectures (+12hours of content), Where I go over everything you need to know to run successful ads

Access to a set of worksheets and templates to help you run your ads and monitor them

How-to tutorials that walk you through the whole process

Tenth of ads inspirations and examples to learn from

In this course, I will cover The different aspects of running successful Facebook ads campaigns for your Shopify store, including:

Understand the Facebook Algorithm and how it works

Learn how to research the market and what to look for

Learn what happened to Facebook ads after IOS 14 update and how we can overcome the changes

Discover the different ads strategies you might use to acquire new customers

Nail down your audiences, understand your customer avatar and learn how to reach them through your ads

Learn how to optimize your ad copy and creatives and how to create them

Explore tenth of ads examples and inspirations

Discover how to structure your ad account, run your first campaigns, and optimize and analyze the results

and much more…

I structured this course to walk out of it with all the knowledge you might need to run successful ads and convert total strangers into customers!

This course is perfect for anyone and everyone. Whether you are:

a complete beginner

or if you already have some knowledge of Facebook ads

or have been running your ads for a while and are still looking to improve them!

No matter where you are, this course will help you improve and level up your business and skills!

I will always be here to support and help you! So please don’t hesitate to leave your messages in the discussion section!

Thank you for choosing this course and for trusting me with your time!

Who this course is for:
Everyone looking to incraese their sales and revenues!
eCommerce Store owners
People who are looking to become media buyers

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