Eben Pagan – Using Data to Drive the Ultimate Event Experience

Eben Pagan – Using Data to Drive the Ultimate Event Experience
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Eben Pagan has sold more than 100 million dollars of online products. During the dot com boom Eben launched a digital marketing business that began with one ebook and transformed into a multi-million dollar a year virtual business employing 75 people around the world. Widely regarded as a marketing guru, Eben has devoted his life to coaching millions of entrepreneurs to grow business of their own. He has thrown hudnreds of conference, thousands fo seminars, and has shared the stage with Tony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson. As a seed investor, Eben also wrote the first check into Splash, to launch the business in 2012.

In this session, "Using Data to Drive the Ultimate Event Experience," Pagan breaks down the core drivers of event marketing and examines the role of data in shaping experience.

Watch the video for insights on:

War for attention
Power of event technology to capture attention and design experiences
Education marketing becomes immersion marketing
Figure out who your customers are really trying to meet at events
The most important thing to leave your customers with
Significance of data to personalize relationships

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