Earl Nightingale – Success in America Who Has It.and Why Who Doesn’t.and Why Is It Worth It

Earl Nightingale – Success in America: Who Has It.and Why? Who Doesn’t.and Why? Is It Worth It?
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Understanding the difference can help us succeed and help us help others succeed. Why, in the richest country ever to grace the planet earth, do so few really "make it" in a substantial way? When financial and educational freedom are readily available to us all once we understand the factors that separate the winners from the losers. Listen to Earl Nightingale as he pulls out all the stops about who succeeds and who doesn’t. A subject he’s been studying for 40 years. Find out how close the losers often come to winning, if they would just apply a few common sense rules… and understand how long it takes. Earl Nightingale has made a life-long study of this subject and he is still deeply involved in it. Perhaps you are already satisfied with your own successful progress, and you now see your role as motivating and helping others – perhaps your children or associates. There’s no better way than listening to the acknowledged master of the subject – Earl Nightingale.

This program is loaded with information and motivation:

Discover the six words that hold the secret to success
Find out why you are meant to succeed
Marshal "invisible forces" that will astonish you by their efficacy
Learn why the level of accomplishment you select is well within your capacity to attain
See why serving your self-interest serves all of humanity best
Implement the simple pencil and paper exercise that leads directly to success
Avoid copy-cat thinking and adopt and practice an attitude of "cheerful expectancy"
Discover the key to making it on your own, in your own business or profession
Listen as Earl unveils the only sensible answer to the question, "What is the purpose of life?"
Find out how far following just one good idea can take you

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