Drone Hacking: Exploitation and Vulnerabilities

Drone Hacking: Exploitation and Vulnerabilities
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Drones are a growing threat to law enforcement and security specialists. Low-cost and easy to use, drones can carry out surveillance, capture data, or disrupt networks. Making matters worse, drones are hard to detect and defeat. Their growing popularity is proportional to the number of exploits found in UAVs by hackers. In this edition, we would like to focus on the strong and weak points of drones. What are their vulnerabilities, how to exploit them? On the other hand, you will see what steps to take to secure your UAV.

Let’s see what’s inside!

The first part of this edition is focused on vulnerabilities and exploits that can be found in a UAV. In the article Exploring Security Vulnerabilities of UAV, you will learn how attacks such as Man-in-the-Middle can affect your device (there are other techniques presented as well). How to find Security Vulnerabilities in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Software is another article that will dive into weak points of drones, and help you understand how a UAV can be attacked. Following that, Cyber Attack Vulnerabilities Analysis for UAV is focused on the methods used by hackers while performing an attack. After the analysis, the authors looked closer at the post-attack behavior of the autopilot system through simulation.

Now that we know where to find vulnerabilities and how to exploit them, it’s time to learn more about securing your equipment.

We start with a review of the current situation in Counter UAV strategies. You will learn what are the most important prevention techniques used by specialists to secure drones. Moving forward, Protecting the UAV from Cyber Attacks and Defense Techniques Against Cyber Attacks on UAV are mainly focused on the best techniques against cyber attacks on drones including wireless network encryption and intrusion detection system.

But that’s not all! We recommend the article Security Analysis of FHSS-type Drone Controller that presents an investigation of security in drone controllers. It’s a different approach, surprisingly rarely talked about, so we hope that you will find it interesting. Wireless Communications with UAV will show you, by introducing basic networking architecture and main channel characteristics, how to efficiently use wifi communication to make your drone more effective while performing various tasks. Integration of Machine Learning to simplify the Analysis in Security Operations Center (SOC) will close this edition.



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