Domestika – Introduction to Unreal Engine 4 for Scene Design

Domestika – Introduction to Unreal Engine 4 for Scene Design
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Learn to use this powerful software’s tools and create a scene step by step!

If you want to create fantastic narrative surroundings that can support a videogame’s story, you need imagination, as well as knowing how to use Unreal Engine 4, the most used platform in videogame development.

In this 5 course Domestika Basics, take the first steps toward creating your own virtual worlds, with the help of Guillermo Moreno, videogame developer specialized in scene composing and illumination, who teaches you how to create a diorama, using Unreal Engine, from scratch.

The first course constitutes your first approach to the software. Start by downloading Unreal Engine’s free version and installing it with the help of Guillermo, who also shows you how to set it up.

Continuing towards the second course, learn how to create a new project and how to use the program’s basic tools, as well as learning how to navigate various other details related to project management.

In the third course, familiarize yourself with the Foliage tool, what is it good for, how to configure it, and all of the possibilities it offers towards scene composition. Furthermore, learn how to generate new materials for your scene.

After, learn how to add vegetation to a scene, creating a new terrain and using different materials. Learn what collisions are and what they are used for in a videogame, and then generate a cinematic sequence using the Sequencer tool.

This Domestika Basics’ last course is dedicated to showing you how lights and illumination work in a scene, as well as the postprocessing and final rendering of your diorama.

When you finish this Domestika Basics, you will have familiarized yourself with the tool and you will have learned how to use it to create a unique scene in a simple way.

System requirements
⦁ Download Epic Launcher and Unreal Engine 4 (v4.23.1) for free on Unreal’s official website.
⦁ A computer with Windows 7 or later, or macOS 10.9.2 or later.
⦁ 8 GB of RAM.

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