Dockers using Linux (Virtual Machine) : Oracle Cloud (OCI) | Udemy

Dockers using Linux (Virtual Machine) : Oracle Cloud (OCI) | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Oracle Linux Virtual Machine creation though Oracle Cloud infrastructure
Docker Install and Concepts
Docker File approach
Multiple Container approach in Dockers – Docker Compose
Multiple Node apparoach in Docker – Docker Swarm
Docker compose Vs Docker Stack Vs Kubernetes

With Cloud Computing gaining significance – Virtualization (Virual Machine) and dockers (microservices) are gaining momentum and re-defining & optimizing Hardware and Software solutions.

In this course you would learn about building a cloud virtual environement through Oracle Linux and Docker as well using Oracle cloud – free tier.

The topic of coverage includes :

•Virtualization in Cloud computing.
•Virtual Machine vs Docker.
•Oracle Cloud – Oracle Linux instance
•Getting Access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
•Creating Oracle Linux Instance and accessing through Putty – SSH
•Linux-Unix Command line commands overview
•Software development evolution process
•What is Dockers?
•Getting docker installed with ‘Hello world’ through dockers.
•Install and access of web server – nginx as docker..
•Docker based web application.
•Using Web server nginx in docker and accessing simple application (index.html).
•‘Docker file’ in Dockers.
•Simple python application using docker file.
•Use docker file to build web image in nginx
•Docker compose’ in dockers.
•Multiple containers in single node.
•Simple web application nginx and redix container creation through docker compose.
•Docker swarm
•Introduction to docker swarm and creating docker swarm.
•Creation of service in Docker swarm.
• Replication of service in Docker swarm -nodes.
• Docker Stack vs Compose
• Docker visualizer in Docker stack.
• Docker Vs Kuberbetes.

Happy learning!!

Who this course is for:
IT Developers interested to build career on Dockers and Virtualization(Cloud – Virtual Machine)
Students who are seeking career in IT field and wish to learn on the latest concepts – Virtualization(virtual machine) and Dockers

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