Docker – Swarm, Services and Stack – Hands-On | Packt

Docker – Swarm, Services and Stack – Hands-On | Packt
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Build Docker containers;
Set up and develop on Docker on Windows; deploy with Docker containers;
Understand advanced networking in Docker;
Design and build Docker swarm clusters;
Create Docker services and stacks; integrate Docker with CI/CD pipelines.
Learn advanced concepts in Docker with simple and clearly explained lectures with the help of animated slides. The lectures are followed by demos. We then go through some coding exercises were you will practice Docker commands, and building your own application stack using Docker compose, Docker service, and Docker stacks. You will be developing Docker compose files for various applications stacks and setting up clusters with Docker swarm locally, as well as on public cloud infrastructures . And finally, we will work on an assignment that will give you exposure in deploying a complex application in Docker swarm. In this course we go deeper into the concepts and look at the different options available for Docker for Windows as it is a hot topic and it can be a bit confusing for a beginner. We will then look at advanced topics such as Docker service, what a Docker stack is, what Docker swarm is, what are overlay networks, and how we load balance in Docker. We will look at CI/CD pipeline integration with Docker and Docker’s support on public cloud platforms.

Style and Approach
This is a really great course to learn more about the inner workings of Docker, Docker swarm, and to get a better understanding of both, plus Docker compose and a good introduction to Kubernetes.

Videos backed by animated slides makes it simple and easy to understand.
Coding Exercises were you can practice Ansible Playbooks

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