Discovery Channel – Flying Heavy Metal with Bruce Dickinson (2005)

Discovery Channel – Flying Heavy Metal with Bruce Dickinson (2005)
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Bruce Dickinson is best known for fronting legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden. But when he’s not singing in front of 50,000 rock fans, he’s getting hands on with a very different kind of heavy metal – flying aeroplanes.
Flying Heavy Metal with Bruce Dickinson is the rocker’s guide to aviation, taking in the hits, the misses and some truly incredible planes along the way. Join Iron Maiden singer-turned-pilot Bruce Dickinson in this informative 5-part series from Discovery Channel, charting the history of the passenger jet.
Flying Heavy Metal follows Bruce as he indulges his love of flying whilst examining the highlights of the past century of American and British aviation.
Flying Heavy Metal tracks a fascinating transatlantic battle for the dominance of the skies. This exciting series approaches the past century of aviation from a number of innovative and interesting angles – from The Comet to Concorde, runways to revolutionary NASA technology, Flying Heavy Metal is guaranteed to propel you into the heart of the past century’s aviation triumphs.
In this 5-part series, Bruce literally flies viewers through the history of the jet airliner. He pilots the major landmarks in aviation history from the DC3 Dakota – the classic prop plane of the mid-30s – through to the key airliners of the jet age and the fly-by wire Airbus 320. He even gets a sneak preview of then soon to be unveiled Airbus A380.
Flying Heavy Metal contrasts the European and American approaches to aviation, as the two continents prepare once again to do battle with their latest aeroplane designs. Bruce looks back at their creations from the past 50 years, and discovers British fingerprints on some of the most ingenious and innovative technologies in the aviation industry.
Highlights from the series include: Bruce flying a pre-war DC3; cruising over the Florida Everglades in a Boeing 727; reliving the hair-raising experience of a night landing in one of the oldest Tiger Moths still flying, and roller-blading around the two decks of Airbus’s then new monster – the A380.
From the legendary De Havilland Comet and the landmark Boeing 707 to the gigantic 747 Jumbo, the massive Airbus A380 and beyond, Flying Heavy Metal provides a comprehensive and enjoyable look at the giant aircraft that carry us around the globe.

A Ricochet Production for Discovery Networks Europe

— All 5 episodes encoded to a single set with chapters: 1. Jet Race ; 2. Jet Set ; 3. Size Matters ; 4. Watch This Space ; 5. Safer Skies —

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