Digital Tutors – Skill-Builder: Interpretive Modeling in 3ds Max

Digital Tutors – Skill-Builder: Interpretive Modeling in 3ds Max
[box style=”info”]Instructor: Joshua Kinney
Runtime: 2h 53m
Level: Intermediate
Software used: 3ds Max 2014
Video Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280×720
File Size: 1.74 GB
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Description :

In this Skill Builder 3ds Max tutorial, we’ll talk about the process of interpreting different shapes and creating geometry in efficient ways.

Going through tutorial projects, step by step is a really powerful way to learn the different modeling tools and techniques. We can see how those tools work as you follow along and create a specific model with your tutor.

Now in the end, you’ve created a specific model but the real magic comes from being able to mentally break apart the different kinds of shapes you will encounter and find efficient methods for building those shapes. So taking what you’ve learned and being able to apply those techniques to a different one. Now this knowledge and adaptability only comes from practice and experience with dealing with those situation as they arise. So to simulate this, you’ll be presented with a series of small modeling exercises. Each exercise consists of three lessons.

The first lesson will be a review, where we will discuss a particular technique or workflow using a particular model. The second lesson, we’ll use a completely new model and provide instructions on how to come up with a solution for the exercise. Finally in the third lesson we’ll discuss a possible solution for the previous exercise. Now each exercise contains a series of hints but we encourage you not to look at those if you can help it.

Now these exercises are your opportunity to practice what you’ve learned and gain the confidence that only comes from repetition and being able to address any issue that may come up.

1. Introduction and Project Overview
2. Base Shapes: Skill Review
3. Base Shapes: Skill Exercise
4. Base Shapes: Skill Solution
5. Bridging: Skill Review
6. Bridging: Skill Exercise
7. Bridging: Skill Solution
8. Attaching Objects: Skill Review
9. Attaching Objects: Exercise
10. Attaching Objects: Solution
11. Using Splines: Skill Review
12. Using Splines: Skill Exercise
13. Using Splines: Skill Solution
14. Using Modifiers: Review
15. Using Modifiers: Exercise
16. Using Modifiers: Solution
17. Final Project Overview
18. Architecture setup and detail
19. Modeling consistently using different styles
20. Set dressing concepts
21. Asset cleanup and organization
22. Final Project Assignment

Digital Tutors Skill-Builder Interpretive Modeling in 3ds MaxDigital Tutors Skill-Builder Interpretive Modeling in 3ds Max

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