Digital Tutors – Introduction to Modeling in Maya 2014

Digital Tutors – Introduction to Modeling in Maya 2014
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Instructor: Justin Marshall
Runtime: 4h 31m
Level: Beginner
Software used: Maya 2014
Video Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280×720
File Size: 2.66 GB
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Description :

In this tutorial we’ll go through the modeling process in Maya 2014. We’ll use a project-based approach as we cover the basics of modeling, look at commonly used tools, and talk about some time-saving tips and production techniques.

We’ll begin by looking at the various types of geometry available to you. You’ll learn how to organize your model into hierarchies and keep your scene clean and efficient. We’ll also take a look at several modeling tools, including polygonal tools like extrude and the insert edge loop tool for adding resolution, NURBS tools like loft and extrude to create smooth surfaces, and a few of the new tools in Maya 2014 as well.

We’ll take a look at using a smoothing workflow and use deformers to help shape our models. We’re going to take a slightly different approach to this introduction tutorial, in that we’re not going to talk about all of Maya’s modeling tools, but rather focus on the tools that you’re going to find most useful as you begin the modeling process. If you have questions on a specific tool, try doing a search and you’re sure to find a lesson on it.

Once you have a better understanding of how these tools work together, you’ll be able to create your own modeling solutions and really come up with a workflow that’s comfortable to you.

1. Introduction and project overview
2. Introduction to polygons
3. Introduction to NURBS
4. Using a smoothing workflow
5. Hierarchy and scene organization
6. Project overview
7. Setting up reference images
8. Building the car body with polygons
9. Modifying the body shape
10. Revolving the tire
11. Modeling the rim
12. Building a screw head
13. Completing the wheel
14. Adding a knobby tire tread
15. Constructing the spring
16. Modeling the car frame
17. Building the batter box
18. Adding the undercarriage
19. Modeling the spring connectors
20. Connecting the wheels and springs
21. Modeling the spoiler
22. Connecting the spoiler to the frame
23. Modeling the bumper
24. Adding the top cover
25. Adding the antenna
26. Blocking in the remote geometry
27. Building the controls
28. Creating surface detail
29. Adding rims around the controls
30. Adding the on/off switch
31. Hierarchy and cleanup
32. Adding simple materials
33. Adding textures

Digital Tutors Introduction to Modeling in Maya 2014Digital Tutors Introduction to Modeling in Maya 2014

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