Digital Tutors – Drawing and Painting Clouds for Digital Illustration

Digital Tutors – Drawing and Painting Clouds for Digital Illustration
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Runtime: 1h 55m
Level: Intermediate
Software used: Photoshop CS6
Video Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280×720
File Size: 1.53 GB
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Description :

By using the methods and techniques in this tutorial, you’ll be able to digitally illustrate and push the creativity of your own clouds.

We’ll begin by examining an image of the type of clouds that we want to draw our inspiration from followed drawing the outlines of our own cloud formation. Following this we’ll roughly block in a base mid-tone, shadows, and highlights for our cloud.

From here we’ll demonstrate a how we can blend our blocked in colors to establish the various formations of our cloud. Along the way we’ll explore pushing our highlights and shadows, painting smaller formations for added detail, softening up cloud formation edges and weaving our cloud into the atmosphere. Furthermore, we’ll learn how we can add additional colors to reflect some warm sunlight using some blend modes.

Finally, we’ll finish our cloud formation by using a natural bristle brush combined with the smudge tool to add natural looking wisps to our clouds.

1. Introduction and project overview
2. Outlining our clouds
3. Blocking in a mid-tone, shadows, and highlights
4. Blending and building the formations of our clouds
5. Continuing to blend and build form
6. Pushing overall shadows and highlights
7. Painting smaller cloud formations
8. Softening cloud edges and adjusting atmosphere
9. Adding additional colors for sunlight
10. Adding wisps to our clouds
11. Final Touches

Digital Tutors Drawing and Painting Clouds for Digital IllustrationDigital Tutors Drawing and Painting Clouds for Digital Illustration

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