Digital Tutors – Creating Run Cycles in CINEMA 4D Tutorial

Digital Tutors - Creating Run Cycles in CINEMA 4D Tutorial
[box style=”info”]Title: Digital Tutors – Creating Run Cycles in CINEMA 4D Tutorial
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In this CINEMA 4D training we will learn how to use CINEMA 4D’s animation tools to create a convincing run cycle.We’ll start by taking a look at our rig and figuring out a rotation order that would work best for our needs. We’ll then jump right in an start blocking in the run: adding extremes and breakdowns.

Once this step is finished, we’ll begin polishing the animation, which includes refining arcs, achieving realistic weight, as well as solidifying each pose. We’ll also learn how to mirror animation to work faster, as well as how to translate the run forward.
In the end, you’ll not only learn how to animate a run cycle, but you’ll learn techniques that can be used to improve the quality of your animations.

1. Introduction and project overview01:10
2. Getting the scene ready for the animation07:03
3. Working with reference and creating the initial pose11:07
4. Mirroring poses in CINEMA 4D14:09
5. Roughing in the Down position11:25
6. Cycling the animation04:01
7. Correcting the movements of the legs15:23
8. Adding weight to the upper body10:40
9. Finishing the legs12:55
10. Keeping the upper body balances with the COG02:50
11. Animating the upper torso09:39
12. Finishing the neck and head08:08
13. Refining the arms11:28
14. Transferring the animation of the right arm to the left09:37
15. Wrapping up the run cycle06:33

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