Digital Tutors – Creating Game Weapons in Maya and ZBrush

Digital Tutors – Creating Game Weapons in Maya and ZBrush
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When working with digital assets, the ability of your computer to manipulate those assets is limited, especially when dealing with very high resolution meshes. For this reason, we use things like normal maps to simulate the high resolution detail in a way that we can more easily use. In this course, we’ll use a weathered battle hammer as an example to illustrate some of the ways you can use Maya and ZBrush together to build and sculpt high resolution props and set pieces and create useable assets. After building the base geometry and laying out UVs in Maya, we’ll go through the process of sculpting and texturing the hammer in ZBrush. We’ll finish up by applying all of that detail back in Maya to create a high quality, useable prop.

Lesson outline:

01. Introduction and Project Overview
02. Building the base mesh
03. Creating a uv layout
04. Transferring geometry to ZBrush
05. Sculpting the hammer head
06. Painting the hammer head
07. Deforming the handle geometry with textures
08. Converting textures to polygon colors
09. Outputting normal maps from ZBrush
10. Moving assets from ZBrush to Maya
11. Transferring color and normal maps in Maya
12. Creating custom specular maps

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