Digital tutors Compositing Stereoscopic Images in Toxik

Digital tutors Compositing Stereoscopic Images in Toxik
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In this series of lessons we’ll learn how to work with 3D Stereoscopic image pairs in Toxik. We’ll be able to create an anaglyph preview and learn how to control our stereo depth and fix issues in Toxik. We’ll begin this course by learning how to set-up our project for stereo work and the basic stereo workflows. We’ll then go through an entire practical application of fixing a visual problem in our stereo images. During this we’ll learn how and when we can re-use data from the left to the right side, and how to actually apply this. We’ll finish by learning how to use expressions to change our screen depth solely in Toxik.

1. Introduction and Project Overview 3. Basic workflows for editing stereo images 5. Tracking our left view 7. Moving images to change the entire scene depth 9. Rendering an Anaglyphic image and rendering the image pair separately

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