Digital Tutors – Architectural Detailing in ZBrush

Digital Tutors – Architectural Detailing in ZBrush
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Building and detailing environments can be a time consuming process. To finish your models, you might need to create texture maps, either derived from photos, procedurally generated or hand painted. Adding higher resolution detail, like bricks or stone, to your interior and exterior models can be challenging as well. ZBrush can make this process a little bit easier. We’ll start by creating a seamless brick texture that we can apply to our geometry. We’ll look at using the Projection Master to quickly add detail to our models. We’ll use Noise to interactively dial in some specific patterns, like a knockdown wall texture. We’ll also look at building individual elements using primitive geometry that we can then append to our model. Once you’re done, you’ll have a better understanding of some of the tools you can use to detail your environments in ZBrush and a few ideas to get you going.

01. Introduction and Project Overview
02. Creating a seamless brick texture
03. Applying seamless alphas using stencils
04. Adding the brick deformation and noise
05. Building the window arch from primitive geometry
06. Sculpting and painting the window arch
07. Building the columns with projection master
08. Assembling the door 09. Adding texture to the ceiling tiles with noise
10. Adding a knockdown texture and chair rail to the wall
11. Adding tile to the floor
12. Appending elements and adding detail to the cornice

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