Digital Marketing Tutorial For Beginners – 27 hours | Udemy

Digital Marketing Tutorial For Beginners – 27 hours | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Students will Learn How to Use Digital Marketing to Scale their Business or Work as Consultants

This Digital Marketing Course video has everything you need to know about Digital Marketing.

This video course has 3 Parts, That covers a wide range of topics like the basics of Digital Marketing, Best Digital Marketing tools, search engine optimization, SEO tips and tricks, keyword research, how to rank 1 on Google, and Google tag manager.

This video Course covers a wide range of topics like Google ads, Google display network, Google analytics, how to set up goals in Google ads, Google data studio, how to start with social media marketing, facebook ads, facebook ads tips and strategies, how to rank youtube videos, how to create a youtube channel, how to increase youtube subscribers, youtube ads, how to increase followers on instagram, and how to increase twitter followers. This video covers the domains of Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Now, let’s get started with this Digital Marketing Course video!

The below topics are explained in this Digital Marketing Full Course:

PART 1 – Introduction

1. What is Digital Marketing

2. Why is Digital Marketing is important

3. What is Digital Marketing

4. Types of Digital Marketing

5. Customer Lifecycle

6. How is Digital Marketing useful

7. What are the types of Digital Marketing

8. Search engine optimization

9. Content Marketing

10. Social Media Marketing

11. Search engine marketing

12. Affiliate marketing

13. Native Advertising

14. Email marketing

15. online PR

16. Search engine optimization tools

17. Email marketing tools

18. Web Analytics tools

19. Competitor Spying tools

20. Paid marketing tools

21. Affiliate marketing tools

22. Social Media Marketing tools

23. Why SEO

24. What is SEO

25. How Does google rank websites

26. Types in SEO

27. Do’s and Dont’s of SEO

‚Äč 28. How Does Search engine works

29. Types of SEO

30. Image alt text


1. How to advertise on google

2. Google Ads Tutorial

3. What are Google Ads

4. What are the various formats in Google Ads

5. Where is Google showing your ads

6. How can you create a Google Ad

7. Important metrics to track

8. Optimizing Yours advertisements

9. Google Display Network

10. What is the Google Display Network

11. GDN vs GSN

12. Google Display Network Ad formats

13. How to set up an Ad on GDN

14. Advantages of the GDN

15. Google Analytics

16. How to setup Google Analytics account

17. Google Analytics reports

18. How to setup Goals In Google Analytics

19. Google data Studio Tutorial

20. How to start Social Media Marketing

21. What is Social Media Marketing

22. Why do Social Media Marketing

23. What are the channels use for SMM and how can you use them Media Marketing

24. What are the tools for Social

25. Tips to be a good Social Media Marketer

26. Facebook Ads Tutorial

27. What are Facebook Ads

28. Why advertise on Facebook

29. What are the types of Facebook Ads

30. What are the steps to creating a Facebook Ad

31. The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising

32. Facebook Advertising Tips and Strategies

33. How to Rank Youtube Videos

34. Youtube Keyword Research

35. Create high-quality videos

36. Importance of user engagement

37. Promote your content

38. How to create a Youtube Channel

39. Creator Studio

40. How to Increase Youtube Subscribers

41. Important metrics for YouTube

42. How to create Youtube Ad

43. How to Increase Followers on Instagram

44. How to increase twitter followers


1. Content Marketing Strategy

2. How to get Traffic to your Website

3. Email Marketing Tutorial

4. Why email marketing

5. What is email marketing

6. Email marketing setup

7. Benefits of email marketing

8. A/B testing

9. How to optimize subject line

10. Optimize your email content

11. Automating emails

12. Types of email campaigns

13. How to engage with new subscribers

14. Email marketing tools

15. Mail Chimp Tutorial

16. Affiliate Marketing

17. What is affiliate marketing

18. What is the process of affiliate marketing

19. What are the tips for success in affiliate marketing

20. How to Become Digital Marketer

21. Who is a digital marketer

22. How to become a digital marketer

23. Learn SEO

24. Learn SEM

25. Learn email marketing

26. Learn Social media marketing

27. Learn affiliate marketing

28. Learn mobile marketing

29. Learn content marketing

30. Additional resource

31. Digital marketer salary

32. Digital marketing certification

33. Digital marketing Career, Jobs & Resume

34. what is digital marketing

35. Types of digital marketing careers

36. Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers

37. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

38. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

39. Content Marketing

Who this course is for:
Students that want to create and monetize their Online Business and earn a significant income from it every month

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