Devops Tools and AWS for Java Microservice Developers | Udemy

Devops Tools and AWS for Java Microservice Developers | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
You will learn The concepts of cloud, continuous delivery and Devops
You will then be introduced to AWS where you will setup your AWS Cloud account
Learn how to launch AWS instances and learn a few linux basic commands
You will learn how to install and use GIT locally
Perform operations on remote Git Repositories as well
You will also learn how to resolve code conflicts ,branching and more
You will master all the fundamentals of maven and create and build standalone and java web applications
You will then create two micro service projects using spring boot
You will deploy and test your Micro Service applications manually to AWS by setting up java, mysql on a EC2 Instance on the cloud
Using AWS Elastic bean Stalk Service we can quickly deploy our applications and it will provide our application the environment that is required to run
You will use EBS with RDS (Relational Database Service) to deploy and test your micro services
You will use various docker commands to pull images and launch containers, mount volumes and even working with docker networks
You will use Visual Studio Code IDE which will make Docker File Creation super simple
Docker-Compose is a very powerful tool using which you will launch multiple docker containers in one shot
You will learn what Kubernetes is ,various components in the Kubernetes cluster
You will setup Minikube which is a super easy way to explore Kubernetes cluster on your laptop
You will then come back to AWS and master services such as IAM , Auto Scaling,Elastic Load Balancer, Cloud Watch
You will learn how to use jenkins to configure you project builds , web hooks ,pipelines and automate the complete deployment process
You will also be introduced to Ansible which is a configuration management tool for Devops

Who this course is for:
Java Developers who are just getting started
Experienced Java Developers
Automations Testers
DevOps Beginners
Any one who wants to master DevOps tools and AWS Cloud in simple steps

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