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Develop an iOS Todo App with Core Data and SwiftUI | SkillShare
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Let’s build together another outstanding iOS and iPadOS app with SwiftUI! The new project will be a Todo application with Core Data.

In this intermediate class, you’ll write your very first Core Data application with SwiftUI in Xcode. You’ll see how easy it is to get started with all the resources provided in Xcode, from using the starter code templates to the Data Model editor.

What is the main project of this class?

Learn by developing a fully functional iOS and iPadOS to-do project with Core Data and SwiftUI.

Who is this class for?

This SwiftUI class is suitable for anyone with some prior iOS development knowledge.

What is the difficulty level of this class?

The difficulty level of this SwiftUI class is intermediate.

What will you learn and what are the main objectives of this SwiftUI project?

By the end of the class, students are able to accomplish the following development tasks and build a Todo application:

How to build an impressive Todo iOS and iPadOS application
How to save data permanently to the local database with Core Data
How to add priority for the Todo items
How to delete Todo items
How to create an outstanding Home view with custom illustrations and quotes
How to build a complex Settings view
How to develop a new feature: Alternative Icons
How to develop a new feature: App Color Themes
How to open external links like Web pages, Twitter app, etc.
How to create a subtle animation and enhance the UX
How to support Dark/Light user interface
How can students get feedback from the teacher and other students?

Students can share screenshots of their finished projects with the teacher and other students on the Skillshare learning platform by creating a new project in the class.

By doing that the teacher of the class with many years of experience in the app development industry and other students are able to give feedback to the students.

Students are encouraged to use the comments system and share their learning experiences with us as well.

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