Desktop Images Avid Workflow and Media Managment Level 2

Desktop Images Avid Workflow and Media Managment Level 2
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I’ve got all the disks plus a basic/beginning set by Genuis ( and Avid HD training too. Disks 3 and 4 are already here but looks like no seeders around. If you want me to up 3 and 4 after I finish upping disks 1 and 2; put in a request and PM me to let me know you did so. I hadn’t planned on upping the Genuis DVD since it is so basic but if enough people want it…. As for the HD disks, those will be upped sometime later. The Desktop series is excellent and most everything taught in the series can still apply to Avid Xpress Pro 5.x HD. Get your feet wet with Desktop first. I have yet to watch the HD set completely myself since I don’t have a a HD camera yet. Remember, the more you seed, the sooner I can up the others.

Complete 4 Part Set with Xpress Pro & Xpress DV

Whether you’re using Avid� Xpress Pro 4.x or 5.x HD; a beginner or professional you will learn to master the powerful features of the Avid� edit system with this extensive training series. Former Principle Product Designer for Avid� Technology and author of the Avid� Handbook, Steve Bayes takes you deep within the system, providing a thorough understanding of editing concepts and procedures for working with speed and efficiency.

Level 1 – Avid Editing Essentials
Level 2 – Avid Workflow & Media Management
Level 3 – Advanced Editing Techniques
Level 4 – Special Effects & Color Correction

This DVD training series offers unique insight for all Avid� users including Xpress Pro & Xpress DV as well as Avid� Xpress, Media Composer, Media Composer Adrenaline and Symphony.

Level 2

Avid� Workflow & Media Management
Work with speed and efficiency by mastering Avid’s powerful project & media organization and workflow tools. Customize the interface and timeline for specific tasks, link timeline styles to modes, explore bin and file management techniques, locating clips & sequences quickly, and copying from other projects. Use the Media Tool to maintain control of various media elements, remove unused and pre-compute media and consolidating and transcoding media in Xpress Pro.

Interface Customization
Timeline Styles
Project Management
Bins & Super Bins
Media Transfer
File Import & Export

Steve Bayes is a consultant, writer and instructor specializing in Avid� products for video, film and HD. For 8 years he was the Product Designer for Media Composer, Symphony and DS Nitris at Avid� Technology. Steve has specified the design of Avid� products based on his years of editing, instructing and interviewing Avid� users. He is the author of the book "The Avid� Handbook: Basic and Intermediate Techniques for the Media Composer". He is currently certified by Avid� as an Avid� Certified Instructor (ACI), Avid� Certified Support Representative (ACSR) and Unity Media Network.

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