Denver Clay – Rhythm Trance, Vol. 1 Tesla’s Dream [1 CD – MP3]

Denver Clay – Rhythm Trance, Vol. 1 Tesla’s Dream [1 CD – MP3]
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Category: Hypnosis / NLP

This unique piece of music involves Vibrational Waveform Induction technologies that Increase focus and creativity: state-of-the-art Mind Science.

Some may say that music is defined more by the feeling it produces rather than the devices used in its creation, but Denver Clay has been bending the known rules of electronic mediums to create rhythms and sounds that effect consciousness.

Denver Clay is the leading authority on how the interactions of music, sound and patterns of vibration can be applied to deliver profound states of consciousness, Denver Clay has moved beyond just music that elicits an emotional response; he opens the doors within consciousness.

In the late 1980’s Denver Clay teamed with Richard Bandler, founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), creating music that is used to facilitate installation of successful patterns of behavior and communication that distinguish individuals from their peers. Their inspired efforts led them to produce music and bend sounds that contribute to the ability to reach states of consciousness not normally accessible. Working with Richard Bandler helped focus his music career on projects that provide inspirational resources for hypnosis and growth potential.

A master composer and consummate keyboardist, Denver Clay proves daily that music is more then just sound. He allows his music to grow worlds beyond the known musical formats. His work cannot be labeled easily as New Age, Trace, or Electronica. He is breaking musical barriers with his skill and breadth of knowledge of both music and the mind. He has created his own genre.

Since 1997, Denver Clay has partnered with Hypnotica to produce pieces used specifically with hypnosis. They have spent over 10,000 hours working on the elements that are part of their CD. The duo has produced a CD that provides the graduated moments to reach higher states to allow for change within the mind. This is a grand idea that has taken shape in a valuable form of a hypnosis tool and multi-level CD. The music is filled with layers of music and sound surrounded by low level commands spinning stories for the listener to get lost and found within.

The Duo continues to produce work that benefits the mind and expands the horizons of the listeners through the ever-changing landscape of sound and hypnosis.

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