Deep Learning for Everyone | Udemy

Deep Learning for Everyone | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Deep learning using Keras to implement various problems like Binary Classification, Multi Class classification, & Regression
Intuition on Deep Learning Neural Networks by implementing the code in Python using Keras Library
Learn Python to kick start Deep Learning journey
Build intuition on Various Models in Deep learning and Learning algorithms in Deep learning

*** Why Deep Learning 101 !!***

Here are top reasons we think Deep Learning is best for you:


The one challenge every learner finds is , getting lost in the topics of Deep Learning before stepping into it. Hence we focused on building a sold structure for this course, so that no matter what your skill level may be, you will find it intuitive on the concepts of Essentials required for kick starting your Deep learning journey.

With Exercise after each module will help you as a learner to gain knowledge as well as build confidence on the topics.


We want the students to gain intuition as well as knowing how to make it work by coding. So, we have divided our each topic into two sub sections, where we explain the concepts theoretically with intuitive videos as well as practical section to implement the topics we have learnt in theory section. This will make you, as a student to have a complete learning experience.


Every practical section starts with us coding along with you , and explaining & build intuition as how each line works and behave. We believe this is important, as after the completion of this course, you should be able to apply to other datasets of your choice.

All the codes and data sets are also available for you to download & practice at your own pace.

We believe that this course will be very useful to you, as Deep learning 101 is designed to kick start your Deep Learning journey with required essentials and be a part of technological advancement which is driving today & Tomorrow’s technology.

We believe that –

” The best time to prepare for tomorrow’s technology is by learning today “.

So Start now!! We will see you in Lesson 1 of Deep Learning 101

– Team ManifoldAILearning

Who this course is for:
Anyone looking to start career in Deep learning
Anyone wants to build Deep learning – Neural networks
Anyone wants to implement Deep Learning using Keras
Anyone wants to learn to code in Python to implement Deep learning
Anyone wants to be in Latest Trend in technology – Deep learning

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