David Garfinkel – Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course

David Garfinkel – Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course
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If you are looking for a simple, proven way to get more business online quickly, you’ve come to the right place.
We know for a fact, from personal experience: The answer is copywriting.
* You can watch it — as a recorded Webinar, right on your computer (even in an airplane, since you can download the video files to the hard drive of your laptop)
* You can listen to it: on your computer or on your iPod or mp3 play (and plug it right into your car’s sound system if you have a media player connection there)
* You can read it — on your computer, or print it out the supplied transcripts and put them in a binder for your quick reference.

106 Templates To Guide You, Step By Step, As You
Create Powerful Copy Much Faster Than Ever Before

David shortened your learning curve dramatically by creating time-saving Templates that are so easy to use. The templates glide you through the entire copywriting process.

You get 106 of his David’s Templates as part of this course. Important: Other people have paid over $1,000.00 just for David’s Copywriting Templates alone. But you get 106 of them free as part of this course (all told, it still costs way less than $1000.00).

Here are just some of the Templates you get:

* 5 Email Templates (with examples) to bring in leads and sales

* 7 Subhead Templates…

(This Is What A Subhead Looks Like.
Good Subheads Increase Your Conversion!)

… for writing powerful subheads on lead-capture and sales pages

* 7 groups of Bullet Point Templates (37 unique fill-in-the-blank Bullet Point Templates in all) to create irresistible bullet points that generate cash for you!

* 3 powerful Templates to get more leads right away from Social Media like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

* 7 hard-hitting P.S. Templates to rekindle interest in your prospects and increase conversion. (IMPORTANT: When most people see a sales letter — including an online Web page — they skip right to the end to see who it’s from. A strong P.S. has proven time and time again to dramatically increase readership — and sales!)

* 20 attention-getting Headline Templates — very flexible, easy to use, yet based on proven headlines that have made millions of dollars apiece

Session 1: 6 Simple Secrets That Will Put The Power of Copywriting in the Palm of Your Hand

* The one simple thing you need to do with your copywriting to keep your business growing (in any economy)
* 7 profitable ways to use copywriting that have nothing to do with asking people to buy something!
* A mega-powerful change you can make in your point of view that will instantly revolutionize your business
* How copywriting lets you serve more people more effectively (most people miss this point entirely, and miss many opportunities as a result)
* A copywriting secret to get people who disagree with you to see things differently and resolve disputes fairly
* How to write genuine copy AND get spectacular results (most people can do one or the other, but few people can do both!)
* Why people rarely buy WHAT you think you are selling… what they really DO buy instead… and how to describe your offer in a simple and authentic way that makes them WANT to buy
* 11 Copywriting Templates to help you use what you learned — right away!

Session 2: Emails That Attract More Prospects and Retain More Customers

* The 5 key components of emails that people read and act on
* Secrets of emails that calm down upset customers and get them to comfortably change their mind about requesting a refund
* 8 profitable (and underused) ways to use emails to grow your business. (SURPRISE: None of these involves asking for money!)
* Insider techniques that keep people reading your email
* 3 proven autoresponder sequences that create powerful connections with customers, subscribers and followers on the Internet
* Subject lines: How the pro’s get their emails opened more often!
* Follow-up secrets to keep students, clients and customers excited and motivated
* 20 easy-to-use email templates created especially for this course!
* 20 easy-to-use Email Templates created especially for this course!

Session 3: How to Increase Conversions on Lead Capture and Sales Pages

* The best way to make a prospect feel comfortable giving you their name and email address
* How to use a compelling “hook” to increase your conversions
* Layout and design secrets that make your page more attractive and effective
* How to write bullets that work like crazy on lead-capture pages AND sales pages
* Step-by-step tips for simple audio and video scripts that boost conversions dramatically
* Simple ways to track traffic and conversion on your landing pages
* Special headline techniques that draw visitors into your lead capture pages — and keep them reading!
* 20 Headline Templates, 7 bullet templates, and 7 P.S. templates

Session 4: Writing to Sustain Satisfying Relationships

* 2 simple writing secrets for serving more people more effectively
* How to “walk a mile in your customer’s shoes” in crucial email messages. This will pay off BIG-TIME for you!
* 3 masterful techniques to keep angry customers from leaving — and keep happy customers with you longer
* The hidden power of “thank you” emails and Web pages. How you can tap into it!
* The Rich Networker’s Secret: cashing in on the Lifetime Value of a Customer
* Little-known email technique that thrills your customers as it increases your profits
* Secret of emails that help people retain more of what they learn. How these benefit your business!
* 3 brand-new Templates to increase the cash value of customers to you!

Session 5: 7 Ways to Add Sales Magnetism to Written/Audio/Video Instructions, and to Motivational Content

* Why you DON’T have to be George Clooney, Martha Stewart or Jay Leno to be entertaining… and how to never be boring, either!
* How wearing your “copywriting hat” brings you rich rewards from social media
* 3 steps to add sales magnetism to ANY message you write or record
* A screenwriter’s trick to easily add intrigue to video, audio or written content
* An old copywriting rule says “never write about yourself — it’s all about your CUSTOMER.” The ONE exception to this rule — how to tell a story that keeps viewers, listeners and readers GLUED to their computer monitors!
* The biggest mistake most content-creators make when they need to give readers and viewers directions. Don’t make this mistake — here’s what to do instead
* “Borrow” the success formula of the World’s #1 Content Creator and Presenter!
* 3 Templates to add Sales Magnetism to your copy!

Session 6: Add Intrigue to What You Say in Community Conversations: Blogs, Forums, Social Networking

* 3 attention-grabbing techniques from radio and TV. Use them to create addictive content!
* How to get an avalanche of comments from a blog post
* The secret of turning social networking contacts into paying customers WITHOUT offending them
* A brand-new opportunity: build a trusted reputation online the same way you would with an offline business (but it’s much easier and faster online)
* The story of the Stonecutter and the Blasting Cap! How to use social networking to increase sales
* A 3-1/2 minute YouTube video that creates instant credibility
* Combine social media with copywriting to turn Tweets into into Treasure… and watch Friends become Evangelists for your business!
* 3 brand-new templates to make your posts and tweets more compelling!

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