Data Structures and Algorithms-Part-1 | Udemy

Data Structures and Algorithms-Part-1 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Basics of Linear Data Structures such as Arrays, Stack, Queue and Linked List and the differences between static and dynamic data structures
1D, 2D and Multi dimensional arrays and write coding for given problem which uses arrays
Stack data structure and its implementations with example
Applications of Stack which help to derive an idea where to use stack data structure for a given problem
Queue data structure, its implementations and applications with suitable example and coding
Linked Lists such as Singly LL, Doubly LL, Circularly Linked List and Doubly Circularly Linked List
Students will be able to write logic for any given problem which uses linear data structures

This course covers the concepts and implementations of Linear data structures such as Arrays, Stacks, Queues and Linked List. Relevant examples with pictorial representations are given for better understanding. The differences between static and dynamic data structures have been dealt with practical implementations. Applications of stack such as Infix to Postfix Conversion, Postfix Evaluation, Decimal to Binary Conversion and Palindrome checking have been elaborately discussed with suitable simple coding. Similarly, the applications of queue such as Stack implementation using Single queue and Double queues have been discussed in detail. Introduction to Liked List and its types such as Singly Linked List, Circularly Linked List, Doubly Linked List and Doubly Circular Linked List and its operations , Creation of node, Insertion of node at different positions of Linked List, Deletion of node from different positions, Traversal of Linked List have been explained with simple understandable code. This course also covers basics of object oriented programming such as writing functions, passing parameters to the functions and calling them. It also emphasizes on writing default constructor and parameterized constructors. This course includes almost 25 downloadable resource files, which includes concept wise java coding. The demo for each program have also been included in this course. All program files are made in txt format, so that the user can easily use it without any difficulty.

Who this course is for:
Beginners who wish to learn data structures
Undergraduate & Post graduate students
Students who have completed their graduation and preparing for job interviews

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