Data Science Masterclass With R! 4 Projects+8 Case Studies | Udemy

Data Science Masterclass With R! 4 Projects+8 Case Studies | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Learn what is Data Science and how it is helping the modern world!
What are the benefits of Data Science and Machine Learning
Able to Solve Data Science Related Problem with the Help of R Programming
Why R is a Must Have for Data Science , AI and Machine Learning!
Right Guidance of the Path if You want to be a Data Scientist + Data science Interview Preparation Guide
How to switch career in Data Science?
R Data Structure – Matrix, Array, Data Frame, Factor, List
Work with R’s conditional statements, functions, and loops
Systematically Explore data in R
Data Science Package: Dplyr , GGPlot 2
Index, slice, and Subset Data
Get your data in and out of R – CSV, Excel, Database, Web, Text Data
Data Visualization : plot different types of data & draw insights like: Line Chart, Bar Plot, Pie Chart, Histogram, Density Plot, Box Plot, 3D Plot, Mosaic Plot
Data Manipulation – Apply function, mutate(), filter(), arrange (), summarise(), groupby(), date in R
Statistics – A Must have for Data Sciecne
Hypothesis Testing
Have fun with real Life Data Sets

Are you planing to build your career in Data Science in This Year?

Do you the the Average Salary of a Data Scientist is $100,000/yr?

Do you know over 10 Million+ New Job will be created for the Data Science Filed in Just Next 3 years??

If you are a Student / a Job Holder/ a Job Seeker then it is the Right time for you to go for Data Science!

Do you Ever Wonder that Data Science is the “Hottest” Job Globally in 2018 – 2019!

>> 30+ Hours Video

>> 4 Capstone Projects

>> 8+ Case Studies

>> 24×7 Support

>>ENROLL TODAY & GET DATA SCIENCE INTERVIEW PREPARATION COURSE FOR FREE << What Projects We are Going to Cover In the Course? Project 1- Titanic Case Study which is based on Classification Problem. Project 2 - E-commerce Sale Data Analysis - based on Regression. Project 3 - Customer Segmentation which is based on Unsupervised learning. Final Project - Market Basket Analysis - based on Association rule mining Why Data Science is a MUST HAVE for Now A Days? [center][img][/img][/center] [img][/img]

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