Dane Maxwell – How To Start An Automated $1,000 Per Month Business

Dane Maxwell – How To Start An Automated $1,000 Per Month Business
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What do I get with this course?
The outcome is a $1,000 per month business. You’ll get everything you need from A to Z to do that.

This includes videos, PDFs, coaching calls, scripts, templates, access to the community.

Including 7 weekly calls every Thursday at 5PM PST, 8PM Eastern with Dane except for Thanksgiving week. Webinars are recorded and
uploaded for viewing by the next day.

Can I do this business model virtually from anywhere and work with clients from anywhere?

You are not limited to your geographic location. It is completely online. If you want to work with local businesses in your area,
you are welcome too.

I’m concerned with the legal issues, are you going to be scraping emails and spamming people in this course?

No, we will not be teaching this method. We will use different tactics to get clients. We want this product to work with 10,000
students eventually. So we will be building the program to be ultimately scalable. It will be a challenge and we will need your help.

Everything is legal and above board and awesome.

How much more money will I need beyond the initial $999 investment?

Maybe $100 max. I’ve started these businesses with less than $20.

What is the general overview of this program?

You’ll be among 100 students learning how to become customer acquisition experts for local businesses. You’ll use these skills to help solve the
single biggest problem all business owners face. Getting customers.

You’ll be taught over 8 weeks every Thursday at 5PM Pacific. The first 30 minutes of the webinar will be exact tactics and strategies and how to
for you to implement. The next 30 minutes will be Q&A. All webinars will be recorded and available the next day.

You’ll get access to go at your own pace inside. You’ll have access to the videos at anytime and the community for two months to get support
and questions answered at anytime. After that, community access is $99 a month, opt out at anytime.

You won’t have to make a product. You won’t need anything other than to use the system we give you.

Once you know how to do this you’ll hold the holy grail. Getting customers.

To teach this to you, you’ll follow this process:

1. Pick a niche.

2. Get customers in that niche.

3. Plug in the unique lead gen model we provide you.

4. Test, refine, measure results, and automate it.

5. Grow your income.

What is your vision and motivation for putting this program together?
This will likely become the entry level product for The Foundation.

Vision: To help anyone who wants to make more money without having to drastically change their lifestyle. Right now The Foundation is just for
entrepreneurs. We want to help employees make extra income on the side too.

Motivation: To have everyone see the potential of themselves by starting a $1,000 per month business. Then watch their desire grow into
entrepreneurship. And then create more freedom for others.

What are the objectives and visions for this product line?
This product is focused on:

? Solving the problem of customer acquisition for businesses. You’ll make good money learning how to do this.

? Going deep with helping businesses with Web 4.0 lead generation and automation strategies.

? Helping already established successful businesses with traffic convert more leads.

When we set out to make this product. we wanted it to address the following items:

? The income is automatic, monthly, and scalable.

? Anyone regardless of skills, background, or expertise could start.

? Perfect for beginners and first timers in business.

? Can earn 6 figures extra on the side in your spare time, without changing your lifestyle.

? Start with less than $100 in investment capital.

? Can have your first customer conversation within a week of getting started.

? Don’t have to build a product or be an expert at anything.

? Gets results quickly for both the customer and the business owner.

? Is a repeatable process that can be used over and over by thousands of people, and still make the world a better place.

The business has one inherent limitation:

? It is difficult to scale to the millions. It’s more in the 6 figure range. This is a stepping stone to millions, but don’t expect the course to get you there.

Who This $1,000 / Month Program Is For
Beginners who are just dipping their toe into the world of entrepreneurship. This might be your first crack at getting your first customer.
You want the tactics and hand holding of tell me exactly what to do. People who want to generate a few thousand a month.

The goal is to get results as quickly as possible. The results being cashflow. Not necessarily the vision for having a long term business.

How Is This Different From The Foundation?
The Foundation is a deeply committed community. You must be screened to get in. You have a track record of success in your business or career.
You have to be committed to entrepreneurship for life.

You must be committed to a total 6 month transformation of your identity and what you believe about the world and who you are. The Foundation is
for people who want entrepreneurship more than anything and are willing to put in the work to get there.

The Foundation is a 6 month program of 6 phases, with multiple teachers for each phase. A networking community of 1,500 seriously
committed people around the world. Your business will likely have slower cash flow in the beginning because you reinvest your cash,
but over the long term you build serious income and equity.

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