Daddy’s Little Girl (Unabridged)

Daddy’s Little Girl (Unabridged)
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Being the teenage daughter of a serial killer is fun-except when digging graves. Thankfully Misty has Bitsy to help her. Plus her daddy pays her with gift cards that she uses online to order things like books, video games, and new outfits to dress up Bitsy with, so really she can’t complain. Now if her daddy would just teach her how to drive, life would be perfect.

Tornadoes are Ramsey’s passion, but after getting too close to one during a chase, he may have to rethink his approach. He also is going to need a new car. And then there is the question of the girl he and his sister found wandering around after the storm. She said the rope marks on her wrists were from a game, but what kind of game would tear flesh like that?

Katie’s goal in life is to become an FBI agent, but right now she is stuck working as a police officer for the tiny town of Smallwood, Illinois. It’s a quiet job. At least it was until the twisters leveled part of the town. Adding to that, two storm chasers found a girl named Bitsy wandering around. She seems traumatized by something. The storm? Or the situation that the storm freed her from? It’s hard to say. One thing is clear, she is very concerned about the welfare of someone named Misty.

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