Culture Series (books 1-10) by Iain M Banks

Culture Series (books 1-10) by Iain M Banks
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The Culture series or Culture cycle refers to a series of novels and short fiction written by Scottish author Iain Banks. The stories center around the Culture, a post-scarcity semi-anarchist utopia consisting of various humanoid races and managed by very advanced artificial intelligences.

They do not need to be read in order and, while there are some interconnections, they are minor.

Culture 01 – Iain M Banks – Consider Phlebas
Culture 02 – Iain M Banks – The Player of Games
Culture 03 – Iain M. Banks – The State of the Art
Culture 04 – Iain M Banks – Use of Weapons
Culture 05 – Iain M Banks – Excession
Culture 06 – Iain M Banks – Inversions
Culture 07 – Iain M Banks – Look To Windward
Culture 08 – Iain M Banks – Matter
Culture 09 – lain M Banks – Surface Detail
Culture 10 – Iain M Banks – The Hydrogen Sonata

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