Ctrl+Paint – Arena Design (Portfolio Builder) (RUS)

Ctrl+Paint – Arena Design (Portfolio Builder) (RUS)
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Video game arenas are fun, challenging, topics to illustrate. A jungle arena might have beautiful, winding, paths – but hidden underneath is a rigid blueprint of strict dimensions and gameplay requirements. As a result, the space is both aesthetically pleasing and mechanically sound. This series offers you an assignment to design one of these rich gameplay spaces. Like other portfolio builders, I’ll be demonstrating my response to the assignment, but you’ll be working on your own interpretation. Instead of my artwork, the focus is on the decision-making process – allowing you to apply the guidance to your own portfolio piece.

Watch the preview video here.

I chose this assignment with 3D software in mind. As such, you’ll see me do a combination of 3D design and 2D Photoshop paintovers. The assignment absolutely works without 3D software, but know that I’ll be using it extensively throughout the process. To learn more about 3D, you can check out the 3d Paintover Starter Kit.

Runtime: 65 Minutes (685 MB .zip Digital Download)


1. Arena Design
2. Brainstorming
3. Block-in Phase
4. Refining
5. Hero Prop
6. Color
7. Establishing Shot
8. Extra Artwork
9. Final Thoughts

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