Creative Live – Lightroom Classic & Photoshop Integration

CreativeLive – Lightroom Classic & Photoshop Integration
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– Optimize your settings and explore the multitude of options for round-tripping images between Lightroom and Photoshop.
– Apply adjustments in Lightroom that are usually only available in Photoshop.
– Make multiple passes of Lightroom adjustments on layered files while retaining the ability to edit all the layers.
– Mask an image in Photoshop and then transfer the result to Lightroom in order to preview how it would look on top of images in your catalog.
– Teach Lightroom to automatically create complex layouts in Photoshop.
– Work on your Lightroom images in Photoshop even when the originals are not available.
– Learn tips and tricks to increase productivity.

If you’ve ever sent an image from Adobe Lightroom to Adobe Photoshop and have been confused by the choices of “Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments”, “Edit a Copy”, and “Edit Original”, then you’ll love this class from the start. After all, developing clarity on the fundamentals is essential before you can feel comfortable with Lightroom Classic.

If you dig a little deeper, you’ll learn that both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom have unique strengths that become dramatically more versatile when they are used together. For instance, Photoshop’s advanced masking and layering capabilities are great when you want to replace a dull and boring sky. But, it’s only when you partner it with Lightroom’s ability to overlay a Photoshop image that you can experiment with various skies and interactively adjust the raw file until it looks like it belongs in the resulting image.

Once you have a solid feel for the strengths and limitations of each program, you’ll learn to push them and combine features to accomplish things you had no idea were even possible. This is Ben Willmore’s special gift: He gets you comfortable by relating the technical aspects to things you already know and use every day, which develops clarity. Then he guides you through real-world projects to help build your confidence before showing you just how far you can push the boundaries so you know what’s possible.

This class will help you:
– Understand the preferences and choices that control how Photoshop and Lightroom Classic interact
– Learn under which situation each option makes sense so you can always choose the best option for your images
– Discover how uncommon features add a lot of functionality once you see concrete examples of their use
– Eliminate the frustration of having Photoshop images not appear in your Lightroom catalog after editing
– Understand how to round-trip your images while retaining Photoshop layers and multiple passes of Lightroom adjustments
– See how Metadata conflicts can cause issues and how to resolve them

– People who have Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop (not elements) installed and have some familiarity with the absolute basics of both programs.
– Those who desire clarity, confidence and efficiency based on proven logic.
– Please who want to develop versatile workflows that go beyond the basics.

– Adobe Lightroom Classic (v10.2)
– Photoshop (v22.3)

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