Creation of Manga Characters by Andrea Jen

Creation of Manga Characters by Andrea Jen spanish (engsubs)
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Learn to design and illustrate Japanese comic characters from the idea to its technical sheet

Ever wanted to channel your inspiration from Japanese comics and series to create your own stunning manga characters? Join Argentine illustrator Andrea Jen, one of the champions of Hispanic manga, and learn how to do just that!

In this course, learn to create your own manga-style characters, from the initial concept to the main views and facial expressions, under the expert guidance of Andrea.

Meet Andrea Jen and hear about her first steps in the world of comics and her artistic influences. Then delve into the history of manga, how it originated, and why its characters are deeply significant in Japanese society.

Next, learn to recognize and draw the different female and male facial prototypes. See that emotions are everything for manga characters and, for that reason, learn to draw each of the basic expressions and their varying intensities.

Discover how to draw and distinguish the complete female and male anatomical prototype using the front, side, three-quarter, and back views. Next, learn how to make your characters move and act, illustrating some everyday situations.

Once you’ve got the previous concepts down, create your own manga character including its main views, emotions, and actions. Afterwards, clean up your work with a stylus or whatever tool you feel most comfortable working with.
What is this course’s project?

Create the technical sheet of your own manga character with its main views, expressions, and personality traits.

Projects by course students

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Who is it for?

All manga and anime lovers who want to create their own characters for comics, illustrated stories, or any other means of communication.
What you need

You need basic knowledge of drawing, a desire to learn, and lots of perseverance.

In terms of materials, you need paper, a pencil, an eraser, black stylographs, and a ruler

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