Create Shopify App – Master Shopify CLI, App Bridge, Polaris | Udemy

Create Shopify App – Master Shopify CLI, App Bridge, Polaris | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
How to develop amazing Shopify Apps
How to use the Shopify Rest API
How to use the Shopify GraphQL API
How to use Shopify Polaris
How to use the Shopify CLI
How to use the Shopify App Bridge to create embedded apps
How to modify Shopify existent Themes to add our app changes
How to create beautiful Shopify admin pages

Shopify is growing exponentially and this is the time for you to get your share of this pie and be free from the 9 am to 5 pm job

According to the Shopify Developers website, Shopify developers have the potential to make $272,000.00 a year, today there are more than 500.000 Shopify stores driving more than $40 billion worth of sales, and these store owners need your help to developed apps to make the life easier, and they are happy to pay, some even will contract freelancers to develop a custom solution for their store.

I start to develop Shopify apps back in 2018 for my partner store, we use to design and sell baby clothes using Printfy, however, the Printfy app at the time was terrible, even tho it would create new products for you it would create a new product for each size and color and of course, we want to be all one product with many variants (different sizes and colors), my partner and I would expend hours after creating each new print grouping and fixing the cloths until one day I had enough and I thought to myself, I’m a developer I can create an app to make this laborious job easy.

And so I start work on it, just to find out the many parts of the Shopify app is not well documented, after reading many documents and asking many questions on the Shopify forum and Slack I got it done, I told that was so cool I showed it at work where they also asked me to create a payment gateway for Shopify and so I did.

In this course, I will share everything I learned on my Shopify journey with you. And you will learn everything you need to know to be part of this trend, from creating a Shopify partners account, to create a fully functional app that will install and uninstall itself automatically on any Shopify Store.

Few topics we will learn:

How to create a Shopify partners account

How to install the Shopify CLI

How to create a Shopify store

How to populate your new Shopify Store using the Shopify CLI

How to create an embedded Shopify App using Shopify App Bridge

How to create a Shopify Admin UI that looks like just the Shopify UI using Polaris

How to fetch, display and select products from the store using Shopify Rest API

How to fetch, modify and upload changes on the Shopify Store pages

How to create new pages on the Shopify Store

How to create new pages using Liquid (Shopify proprietary language)

How to instal and unistal ScriptTags

How to check if a ScriptTag is installed before display your app in the StoreFront

How to use Shopify Webhooks

and much more

If you want to start your own business creating your own Shopify apps or working as a freelancer, this is the course for you.

Who this course is for:
Intermediate/Advanced developers interested in learn Shopify App Development
JavaScript, React, or Node JS Developers
Developers wanting to create amazing Shopify apps
Developers that want to understand how Shopify Apps work
Developer that want to start they own Freelance career
Developers that want to start they own business building Shopify Apps

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