Create Game Assets with Blender and Substance Painter | Packt

Create Game Assets with Blender and Substance Painter | Packt
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Create a Color ID map using the Blender Vertex and Paint tools
Bake Normal and Ambient Occlusion maps in Blender 3D and Substance Painter
Import your Blender 3D models into Unity
In this course, you’ll learn to use Blender 3D’s modelling tools to create a high-resolution model of an M249 Machine Gun. You’ll learn retopology techniques in Blender that will allow you to create a low-poly version of your high-poly object. You’ll also learn how to:

Assign materials in Substance Painter based on a Color ID map created in Blender 3D
Assign PBR textures to objects in Unity.
Create your own game assets
Create an incredible video
Blender provides an excellent low-cost way to learn the fundamentals of 3D modelling, texturing, and rendering. Since 1995, it has been growing in features and usage in the animation and visual effects industry.

If you’ve ever wanted to use Blender to create high-quality assets for video games, then this course is for you. Click the Enroll button and get on the road to success with Blender!

All the code files are placed at

Style and Approach
This course is designed to help you build something from scratch, from prototype to near completion. It covers theory and implementation with real app examples.

Create high-polygon 3d models in Blender and use retopology techniques to make low-poly versions suitable for video game engines.
Bake texture maps in Blender and Substance Painter.
Use PBR texturing tools to create realistic textures for game models

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