Coursera – Artificial Intelligence Planning [82 Lectures (MP4) + 21 Slides (PDF)]

Coursera – Artificial Intelligence Planning [82 Lectures (MP4) + 21 Slides (PDF)]
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The course aims to provide a foundation in artificial intelligence techniques for planning, with an overview of the wide spectrum of different problems and approaches, including their underlying theory and their applications.
It will allow you to:
-Understand different planning problems
-Have the basic know how to design and implement AI planning systems
-Know how to use AI planning technology for projects in different application domains
-Have the ability to make use of AI planning literature

Planning is a fundamental part of intelligent systems. In this course, for example, you will learn the basic algorithms that are used in robots to deliberate over a course of actions to take. Simpler, reactive robots don’t need this, but if a robot is to act intelligently, this type of reasoning about actions is vital.

Week 1: Introduction and Planning in Context
Week 2: State-Space Search: Heuristic Search and STRIPS
Week 3: Plan-Space Search and HTN Planning
One week catch up break
Week 4: Graphplan and Advanced Heuristics
Week 5: Plan Execution and Applications

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