Continuous Compliance, Encryption, and Security on AWS (The DevSecOps Series on AWS)

Continuous Compliance, Encryption, and Security on AWS (The DevSecOps Series on AWS)
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Continuous Compliance, Encryption, and Security on AWS is a series of video courses that will help you use AWS services to define compliance and encryption as code, and to create an end-to-end continuous security solution. These services include AWS Config Rules, Amazon EventBridge Rules, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CodePipeline, AWS Lambda, AWS Key Management Service, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, AWS Step Functions, AWS Organizations, AWS Security Hub, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, AWS Secrets Manager, Amazon VPC, Amazon Macie, AWS Audit Manager, and many others.

You will learn how to use a combination of these tools to prevent, detect, encrypt, and remediate noncompliant resources in your software systems. The videos in this series will also help you apply design principles for security and build continuous security solutions. Paul Duvall has multiple AWS certifications including AWS Certified Security – Specialty. He has architected, implemented, and managed software and systems solutions for more than 20 years. Throughout the series, you will have the opportunity to work along with Paul as he demonstrates how to automate the provisioning, encryption and security of these services, and how to include them as part of a deployment pipeline using AWS CloudFormation and AWS CodePipeline.

Courses include

Continuous Compliance on AWS (The DevSecOps on AWS Series) LiveLessons (Video Training)
Continuous Encryption on AWS (The DevSecOps on AWS Series) LiveLessons (Video Training)
Continuous Security on AWS (The DevSecOps on AWS Series) LiveLessons (Video Training)
Learn How To

Apply key compliance, encryption, and security concepts on AWS.
Use AWS services and tools to automate compliance, encryption, and security into your software delivery process.
Who Should Take This Course

Software developers and security and compliance professionals who want to integrate compliance, encryption, and security into every facet of the software development and delivery process.
Professionals with a working knowledge of AWS and programming experience who want to make compliance, encryption, and security ubiquitous across their systems.
Table of Contents
1 Continuous Compliance on AWS LiveLessons – Introduction
2 The Current State of Compliance
3 Setup Development Environment
4 Learning objectives
5 AWS CloudFormation
6 AWS CodePipeline
7 Launch a CloudFormation stack that deploys a deployment pipeline
8 Lesson 1 Quiz
9 Learning objectives
10 Describe cfn nag
11 Run cfn nag from the command line
12 Configure cfn nag to run from CodePipeline
13 Lesson 2 Quiz
14 Learning objectives
15 Describe AWS Config and Config Rules
16 Setup AWS Config Rules via console
17 Run Managed Config Rules from the console
18 Run Managed Config Rules using CloudFormation
19 Lesson 3 Quiz
20 Learning objectives
21 Describe Custom Config Rules
22 Describe CloudWatch Event Rules
23 Setup Custom Config Rules using the Rules Development Kit (RDK)
24 Lesson 4 Quiz
25 Learning objectives
26 Describe different ways to perform automatic remediations
27 Run an AWS Config Rule auto remediation routine from the Console
28 Run an AWS Config Rule auto remediation routine from CloudFormation
29 Lesson 5 Quiz
30 Learning objectives
31 Describe prevention, detection, and remediation workflow
32 Manually provision an automatic remediation solution using AWS Console
33 Create deployment pipeline for detection and remediation workflow
34 Lesson 6 Quiz
35 Continuous Compliance on AWS LiveLessons – Summary
36 Continuous Encryption on AWS (The DevSecOps on AWS Series) LiveLessons (Video Training) – Introduction
37 The Current State of Encryption
38 Setup Development Environment
39 Learning objectives
40 AWS CloudFormation
41 AWS CodePipeline
42 Launch a deployment pipeline stack
43 Lesson 1 Quiz
44 Learning objectives
45 Create KMS Keys in Console
46 Create a Customer-Managed CMK using AWS CloudFormation
47 Lesson 2 Quiz
48 Learning objectives
49 AWS Encryption SDK
50 AWS Secrets Manager
51 Lesson 3 Quiz
52 Learning objectives
53 AWS Certificate Manager and Amazon CloudFront in Console
54 Launch Encryption in Transit solution with AWS CloudFormation and AWS CodePipeline
55 Lesson 4 Quiz
56 Learning objectives
57 Encryption at rest for AWS EBS, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon S3
58 Encrypt a DynamoDB database using AWS CloudFormation
59 Lesson 5 Quiz
60 Learning objectives
61 Create AWS Config Rules in Console
62 Launch a Managed Config Rule via AWS CloudFormation
63 Lesson 6 Quiz
64 Learning objectives
65 Create an AWS CloudTrail log in Console
66 Provision a CloudTrail log and search KMS keys
67 Lesson 7 Quiz
68 Learning objectives
69 Manually create encryption prevention, detection, and remediation workflow in Console
70 Deployment pipeline for encryption prevention, detection, and remediation workflow in CloudFormation
71 Lesson 8 Quiz
72 Continuous Encryption on AWS (The DevSecOps on AWS Series) LiveLessons (Video Training) – Summary
73 Continuous Security on AWS – Introduction
74 AWS Security Concepts
75 AWS Security Practices and Resources
76 Learning objectives
77 Amazon CloudWatch
78 AWS CodePipeline
79 AWS Cloud9
80 AWS CloudFormation
81 Amazon EventBridge
82 AWS Step Functions
83 AWS Systems Manager
84 AWS Lambda
85 Deployment Pipeline Architectures
86 Demo – Setup Dev Environment and CD Pipelines
87 Learning objectives
89 AWS Single-Sign On
90 Amazon Cognito
91 AWS Directory Service
92 AWS Resource Access Manager
93 AWS Organizations
94 Deployment Pipeline Architectures
95 Demo – AWS Organizations
96 Learning objectives
97 AWS Security Hub
98 Amazon GuardDuty
99 Amazon Inspector
100 AWS Config
101 AWS CloudTrail
102 AWS IoT Device Defender
103 Amazon Detective
104 CloudEndure Disaster Recovery
105 Services Pipelines – Shift Left
106 Deployment Pipeline Architectures
107 Demo – AWS Security Hub
108 Learning objectives
109 AWS Shield
110 AWS Web Application Firewall
111 AWS Firewall Manager
112 Amazon VPC
113 Deployment Pipeline Architectures
114 Demo – Amazon VPC
115 Learning objectives
116 Amazon Macie
117 AWS Key Management Service (KMS)
118 AWS CloudHSM
119 AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)
120 AWS Secrets Manager
121 Deployment Pipeline Architectures
122 Demo – Amazon Macie
123 Learning objectives
124 AWS Artifact
125 AWS Audit Manager
126 Demo – AWS Audit Manager
127 Learning objectives
128 Deployment Architecture Consdierations for Security
129 Demo – Container Security
130 Continuous Security on AWS – Summary

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