Conducting Passive Reconnaissance for COMPTIA PenTest+

Conducting Passive Reconnaissance for COMPTIA PenTest+
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Conducting Passive Reconnaissance for CompTIA PenTest+
by Dale Meredith
Reconnaissance is the process of discovering information about the target before you engage. Passive Reconnaissance is doing this in a matter that leaves no trace, which helps to keep your identity under the hacker hoodie you’re wearing.

1.Course Overview 2m 46s
2.What You’ll Learn 2m 36s
3.Why Do We Recon 3m 0s
4.Types of Recon 3m 25s
5.Goals of Recon- Network Info 1m 48s
6.Goals of Recon- OS Info 1m 39s
7.Goals of Recon- Organization Info 2m 8s
8.What You’ll Learn 1m 50s
9.Using Whois 3m 9s
10.Demo- Whois 8m 27s
11.The Target’s Website 2m 7s
12.Demo- Looking at Pluralsight’s Website 10m 3s
13.Demo- The Wayback Machine 8m 11s
14.Using Social Media 2m 6s
15.Demo- Looking Social Media 6m 10s
16.Job Boards 2m 11s
17.Demo- Looking for Jobs 5m 41s
18.Press Releases and News 2m 23s
19.What We Learned 1m 35s
20.What You’ll Learn 1m 19s
21.Understand How Google Works 3m 56s
22.The Google Operators 4m 7s
23.Advanced Google Operators 4m 51s
24.Demo- Google Hacking 4m 46s
25.Side-note- Think Outside the Box 1m 29s
26.Let’s Make Things Easier 1m 55s
27.Demo- GHDB and Metagoofil 9m 17s
28.What We Learned 46s
29.What You’ll Learn 44s
30.DNS…Is Scary 3m 40s
31.Demo- Using DNS 8m 34s
32.Side-note- DNS and Email 3m 41s
33.Certificates 2m 10s
34.Demo- Looking at Certificates 3m 3s
35.What We Learned 52s
36.What You’ll Learn 1m 7s
37.Demo- Shodan 5m 12s
38.Demo- theHarvester 42s
39.Demo- Recon-ng 12m 42s
40.Demo- Maltego 12m 25s
41.Demo- FOCA 5m 13s
42.What We Learned 1m 11s
43.What You’ll Learn 38s
44.Covering All Your Bases 5m 8s
45.Documenting Your Findings 1m 32s
46.Demo- Documenting with Process Street 5m 49s
47.What We Learned 1m 14s

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