CompTIA Linux+ XK0-004 Complete Video Course, 2nd Edition

CompTIA Linux+ XK0-004 Complete Video Course, 2nd Edition
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Lesson Descriptions:
Linux Fundamentals
Module 1, “Essential Commands,” will cover the essentials of Linux, starting with the installation of the ubuntu and CentOS distributions. Then, it will go into the essential tools, file management tools, and working with text files.
Module 2, “User and Group Management and Permissions,” covers user and group management, as well as storage management essentials. It goes into the details of the different required parts for setting up users and groups, the management of them, and some more advanced features. The basic read write and execute permissions, as well as how to apply them, will be explained. Then, the more in-depth permissions, SUID, SGID, sticky bit, and umask will be covered. Lastly, partitions and file systems, and how to mount filesystems onto specific directories, will be explored.
Module 3, “Operating Running Systems,” covers the day-to-day Linux management tasks. It starts with an explanation of networking and managing system time. Then, services and processes, including the different utilities that are used, will be detailed. Software managers, how to manage software packages, task scheduling, and reading log files will also be covered.

CompTIA Linux+
Module 1, “Advanced User Settings,” discusses some of the advanced user-related settings. It explains advanced user security, and how to manage internationalization.
In Module 2, “Storage Management,” how to get from the Linux kernel to the storage devices, as well as other hardware devices, is covered. Creating partitions and using disks in other ways, as well as learning about the different file systems and how to put them on top of your storage devices, will be discussed.
Module 3, “Common Administration Tasks,” explains some of the most common Linux administration tasks, including how to configure logging, exploring the Linux boot procedure, and how to work with services in a systemd environment and system five environment. Lastly, how to manage file compression and backup will be discussed.
Module 4, “Managing Server Roles,” will explain some of the common server roles, including how to configure Linux firewalls, as well as a quick overview of the most common Linux server roles.
Module 5, “Advanced Administration Tasks,” covers advanced Linux administration tasks, including Linux security, how Linux graphical user interfaces are organized, and how to use Linux as a virtualization platform. Securing access control, configuring mandatory access control, and troubleshooting common Linux problems will also be covered. Lastly, working with Git, and how to use basic Linux shell scripts will be discussed.

20+ Hours of Video Instruction

Skill Level:
Beginning to Intermediate

Topics Include:
Linux Fundamentals
Module 1: Essential Commands
Module 2: User and Group Management and Permissions
Module 3: Operating Running Systems

CompTIA Linux+
Module 1: Advanced User Settings
Module 2: Storage Management
Module 3: Common Administration Tasks
Module 4: Managing Server Roles
Module 5: Advanced Administration Tasks

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